Friday, June 30, 2006

Superman Returns will now be known simply as "Singerman"

That's right folks, after seeing Superman Returns twice (bought tickets to The Devil Wears Prada both times so as not to tamper with the sample.) I can no longer pass this film off as being a Superman film.

Hence to forth, this movie will be known on this blog simply as "Singerman." First because it's shorter to write. And second, it reflects the film as being what it is: Bryan Singer's ugly amalgum of Richard Donner's 30 year old ideas and Singer's own dreary, boring tweaks to the myth.

Superman is not a voyeur or a stalker. He wouldnt blow town for 5 years without notifying Lois Lane, he wouldn't hit on another man's fiancee, and he sure as heck wouldn't have fathered that creepy looking kid.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Born Out of Frustration

This blog has been born out of immense frustration with Bryan Singer's version of Superman that's polluted theaters this summer (Not that many of you have noticed). We'll include news, updates, figures, etc that show just how big of a failure this thing really is, and hopefully get Warner Bros. exectuives to toss him and his team of hack writers out on their ears.

Stay tuned, the storm is coming.