Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brandon Routh: Franchise Killer?

Well, well, well.... BJ is so dull he's putting HIMSELF to sleep...

The weekend box office numbers are in, and what do you know? ANOTHER film franchise is DOA with BJ Routh attached.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World came in a dismal FIFTH in the box office tallies, totaling a paltry $10.5 million for it's opening weekend. FAR behind the Sylvester Stallone action extravaganza The Expendables, opening at #1 with $35 million. Who would have predicted THIS would happen? I mean, there are just SO MANY "people" out there that want BJ to strap on his Fruit Roll-Up cape again isn't there?

Obviously not. The ugly, overweight Apologist virgins couldn't even tally a DECENT number for BJ's latest FLOP.

I took a look at a few message boards these last few weeks, gauging the Apologists "predictions" for the two films listed above. I read things about how "Scott Pilgrim will easily beat The Expendables", and how "amazing Routh will be". Amazing is right. Amazing that this box office cancer was even included in the cast. Not only did The Expendables destroy Scott Pilgrim, but so did Eat, Pray, Love and TWO films in their second to FIFTH week of release! The Other Guys and Inception also placed well ahead of Pilgrim.

Anyone wondering if BJ's "Dylan Is A Dog" will get a US theatrical run? I am not going out on much of a limb when I think NO. The guy just isn't a box office draw, and anything his name is attached to will sink faster than his career projections.

Start filling out those applications at the local bowling alley, BJ. No one is going to be paying you $65 for a picture at a 'con for long....