Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bryan Singer: "Ok, Ok, My Superman SUCKED""

Hello everyone. Long time no see....

Anyway, just thought I'd drop by and post a link to an interview Bryan Singer gave to the LA Times, where he makes a "startling" confession:

"I genuinely like the people, and my personality meshes more with this universe than it does with other universes, I think; I see that now at this point," Singer said, no doubt referring to his defection to the DC Comics universe to make the oddly lifeless 2006 movie "Superman Returns." "I feel a connection to the X-Men characters and also the ensemble nature of the films. If you look at 'Usual Suspects'' or my last film, 'Valkyrie,' I feel especially comfortable with ensemble juggling. In the space between all the characters you can disguise a central thought that's hidden in all the discourse. I missed that with the singular relationship story of Superman. And, well, it always gives you something to cut to..."


Not a surprise to some of us, now is it? But this should give the few remaining Apologists a much needed "kick in the pants", shouldn't it? With the news that Christopher Nolan is "godfathering" a Reboot, and that it will be a FUN movie, I'd say right about now it's a GOOD TIME to be a fan.

Singerman is dead. Long live Superman!!