Monday, October 22, 2007

Writers Out, Singer to Follow?

Women and children first.

Well news comes today via Variety that Bryan Singer's hand-picked cronies and partners in crime, Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris, won't be returning to write any alleged Singerman sequel. As a result, WB is now "allegedly" taking pitches from anyone who might possibly be able to save this disaster.

Of course the article claims that the two are leaving to "pursue more directing gigs." But in reality its more like they were "asked" to leave because A) the crew to Singer's film is slowly being let go as WB pushes forward with JLA, or B) they just weren't able to bring the goods when they pitched a sequel.

How can I make such a claim? Well, if you go back to those glamorous Saturn Awards in May, both of these guys went on record about their plans for the sequel and how they were working on it "right now." Then in August, some guy from BlueTights ran into Dougherty in Washington D.C. at which point he told him that the sequel was actually being written and also that there would be even 2 villains, so obviously these guys did some form of mapping or scripting a sequel film, and Singer was intent on using them for it. Put this together with the fact that WB is accepting sequel pitches, and there you have your answer that either the sequel pitches thing is bullcrap to avoid making a complete cancellation announcement or that what these guys planned on doing was completely rejected by the studio to the point where they told them that they wanted to head in a new direction (like a reboot, hopefully).

Why do we think Singer might soon follow? Other than the rumored Harvey Milk film and the fact that the more JLA news we get the less likely a sequel is looking anyway? Well, although some would like to chalk this up to wishful thinking on our part, this is a legitimate inference from Harris and Dougherty leaving. These guys are good friends with Singer and were brought over from the X-Men franchise specifically for this project because they're in his inner circle. These are "his guys." WB getting rid of them, sorry them "leaving," takes Singer out of his comfort zone, and likely forces him to work with a writing team that the studio is going to appoint, if you believe the news about the open solicitations for scripts. Does anyone think that's something Singer and his ego are going to acquiesce to? Despite what some company mouthpieces are telling some of the shill sites, this is a legitimate possibility and somehow I don't see this captain going down with his ship.

Should be interesting from here on out to hear who starts moving on to other projects.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Miller's Justice League Sucks?...Or Not?

Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE! Form of... a giant piece of shit!

Yeah ummm, I'm just at a loss for words here. Apparently Clint over at Moviehole got a hold of a sizeable portion of the JLA script that was set aside for the effects guys and let me tell ya, it ain't good. Well, at least it won't be for those of us who are out of the 6th grade. For those of us who were expecting something along the lines of Bruce Timm's animated series or something out of the many epic JLA comics, we're going to be SORELY disappointed. Clint reads through the carnage:

"So what are they working with? Well, not a lot. Not to say the film reads terrible, it doesn’t, it’s just that it reads more like a Saturday Morning ‘Superfriends’ cartoon than anything else – like, say, something that’ll appeal to the over twenties crowd - and basically, WETA need only look at the old cartoons to seek inspiration for their whizbang dressings. Having said that, maybe that’s exactly what they’re going for – a family-friendly toon-esque romp; like say “The Rocketeer” or “Sky High”.

The film introduces the main characters very quickly – as if they’re a 42-minute TV show and have to get it done quickly. You don’t get to know much about any of our central heroes before they all unite."

Sounds great doesn't it? Clint then goes on to briefly explain the introduction of the main characters which seem so utterly cheesy, I expect them all to be winking into the camera. He then finishes up the awful news with:
"Look, the film seems pretty underwhelming, sure, but what I think might’ve been their motivation here is to distance themselves from any of the “Superman” or “Batman” films already in existence – which is something the fans will be thankful for – and as this is merely light and fluffy cartoon adventure-stuff, without any of the dark undertones of those other films (largely “Batman”), they’ve definitely succeeded in that. This will definitely appeal to a much younger crowd than those that say, loved “Batman Begins” – it’ll be one the twelve-years-olds go ga-ga for.
Great! Sounds like a 2 hour toy commercial that will sell many a happy meal and action figure.
"So all-in-all, “Justice League” won’t be our film – and when I say ‘our’ I mean, commonly anyone considered of adult age – but it will probably be right up the kids’ alley. It’s essentially a live-action version of “Superfriends” – in terms of pace, story and set-up."
Well, there you have it. Part of me thinks it funny that this type of schlock is whats going to be replacing Singer's franchise at WB. Another part of me wants to once again run up to Singer and punch him in the nuts for screwing the pooch so badly that he scared the studio so shitless that they've gone completely off the other end of the spectrum in terms of the balance between action and story.

Christian Bale, Tom Welling, and Brandon Routh should be thanking their lucky stars that they won't be involved with this thing. (We think.)

But dont push the panic button, just yet. Like most other things with this movie we could find out tomorrow that this is all really bullshit, but Clint at Moviehole is pretty good with this stuff so this is more than likely the case.

Looks like we may have our next crusade on our hands. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 10/18: Well it appears, as I mentioned a few paragraphs up, that yesterday's "news" from Moviehole was yet another in a long line of the total clusterfuck of rumors that surround this project. Apparently Clint was sent a bogus script, according to Dirty Sanchez over at IESB, although given his recent track record who the hell knows if he's right? The Moviehole article has since disappeared and we're seemingly back to no one knowing much of anything. How fun!

UPDATE 10/19: So it looks like this rumor may be true again now? Someone stop this AWFUL ride. I want off.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Even Dean Cain Thinks Singerman Sucks

Well you know you've reached a different plateau of "suckitude" when the worst Superman of all time, i.e. Dean Cain, thinks you suck. In an appearance on the KTLA morning show ( you can watch the video HERE if you can stand the vapid, tedious morning show banter), Cain was on talking about his guest appearance on an upcoming episode of Smallville as well as his time in the tights, when the subject of Singerman was breached by one of the douchebag morning news anchors (who himself even called the film "not very good"). He kind of puts Cain on the spot about his impressions of the film. Cain's response: 'Um it didnt do very well at the box office...but it was umm "visually stunning," I'll tell you that."

Really Dean? That's all you could come up with? You couldn't even put out a "it wasn't too bad" or something even a bit more positive? That's like going out on a first date and when a friend asks you how it went, you respond by telling him that she had nice shoes. You could tell Deano was struggling to find something, ANYTHING to come up with on the spot, and that's all he (a Princeton University grad BTW) could come up with? Hilarious, to say the least.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Superman vs. The Shitstorm of Casting Rumors

SSS here, just checking in since I've been away for a bit as real life sometime dictates. When last I left you, the confirmation that JLA was a go, and that Singerman 2 was going into carbonite had just come through. And boy does it look like some fun has ensued! Especially with regards to casting the new Superman in the JLA movie.

It looks like IESB has been at again with the Tom Welling will, oh wait no he won't thing. And now from the emails we've been getting today it looks like they're back on the, "oh maybe he will" kick again. Guys, make up your freaking minds already, either Tom Welling is one of the most indecisive actors in Hollywood, or your sources need to learn how to read contract negotiations better. As cool as it would be to see Welling finally get the hell out of Smallville and don the tights, I really think it's wrong that they're leading people on like this without more concrete info.

In the process of debunking Welling (before they um "rebunked" him?), it looks like IESB also managed to kick up another mess of rumors involving the transition of Brandon Routh to the JLA Supes role, simply because someone reported that he had a meeting on the WB lot one day. I can say without a doubt this is one of the more ridiculous rumors we've heard. The team at WB behind JLA led by V.P. of Production, Dan Lin, may even rival the great "ApologistPuncher" in terms of their dislike for Singerman. Those guys are the ones who convinced Alan Horn and Jeff Robinov to proceed with a JLA film and let Singer go off to do films about Hitler and gay mayors. To think they'd then turn around and use the frontman of Singer's failure as one of the leads in their movie is preposterous. I'm sure those guys would rather piss on an electric fence then use Routh in their movie. As I've said before, he seems like a decent enough guy but he added nothing significant to the part the first go around, and now he's saddled with Singer's baggage. Why the hell would they tie themselves to that?

The other option for casting would of course be anyone who isn't Routh or Welling. And a lot of people seem to knock that idea because they "don't want 3 Supermen (Supermans?) running around." To which I say "nonsense!" JLA is due out in Summer 2009. Even if they were to drag Smallville out for 8 seasons it's over by May 2009 so Welling's tenure, assuming he's not in JLA, would be over. And honestly, if JLA is a big huge hit and a new guy nails it as Superman, do you really think they're going to resume the Singerman franchise with Routh? And if JLA is a terrible financial failure, do you really think WB is going to touch another big budget superhero film not named Batman for another decade? I don't, so either way you don't have Routh "running around" anymore either, and it will be over 3 years since Singerman stunk up theaters so its not like he'll be fresh in too many people's minds in the general movie-going audience anyway. The new guy would be the only current Superman or no one would be.

Other recent rumors are suggesting that casting may already be finished for the most part and that an announcement is imminent. Hold on to your hats folks, its sure to be a wild ride, and in the words of Jigsaw "oh yes! there will be blood!"