Thursday, April 26, 2007

Here's a Superman Movie We'd Pay to See!

Thanks to everyone who sent us this link over the past few weeks. We weren't going to post this at first since it was just a fan-made trailer (albeit one of the BEST we've ever seen). But the online response to this thing has been pretty impressive to say the least so we figured we'd give it some more pub here for those of you who havent seen it, and maybe, just maybe, people in "high places" will get some ideas from it.

Big kudos to "WormyT" on this. This must've taken him/her a LONG time to do, as video manipulation like that isn't easy by any means.

This isn't to say we're officially endorsing the casting choices in the video, though we know there's a large portion of the fandom that would be all for it. We just love the story possibilities you could get out of something like this. This trailer looks like Superman's version of Spider-man 3.

Now why does a minute and a half fan trailer elicit such an overwhelmingly positive response among fans when a two and a half hour epic film is met with a lukewarm at best response? Is it the super-villains? a ton of action? a classic-looking Superman? a Lois who can emote better than a doorknob? no super children in sight? Whatever it is, sign us up for Superman Reborn.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Singerman is Making People do BAD Things!

Well as we await any sort of serious news about whether a Singerman sequel is ever going to happen or not or what Singer's next new film project will be that he's going to do before he TOTALLY starts working on the sequel next March, we thought we'd bring these "fun" little news bit to your attention. Apparently Singerman is such a bad film, that it's driving people to commit all kinds of heinous crimes. That's right folks, people across the globe are literally being driven mad from watching the film and taking it out on their fellow man!

Take this first story from Japan for instance, about a bank worker who was paying a Canadian man to give her English lessons and got more than she bargained for:

It's not always the teachers who fall foul of the system, though. A bank worker we'll call Fumi paid a Canadian man to give her private English lessons. He started by suggesting they watch a movie to get used to hearing English. Fumi agreed and they began watching "Superman Returns."
"As soon as we sat down he put one of his arms around my shoulders and thrust the other one between my thighs. When I tried to move his hands away, he grabbed hold of my hand, tried to force it toward his crotch and said to me, 'I'm a Superman too, you know,' "
Fumi tells Shukan Post. "When we got out of the movie theater, he had the hide to tell me that our lesson had gone into overtime and he wanted to be paid more for it. I paid him 5,000 yen for the cost of a single hour's lesson and never contacted him again."

Anyone else find it ironic he was going to teach her English by taking her to a movie with so little dialogue? Also I guess the guy must've picked up on the whole "super rape" thing and thought this was OK? Somewhere Jon Peters is smiling.

But the evil this film is spreading hasnt stopped there folks. Take this next story about a murder alibi from the UK where a man killed another man with a baseball bat:
He was arrested at his mother's home in Spring Rise, Kettering, Northants, but told police: "I'm telling you on my baby's life, I didn't have anything to do with it."When he was interviewed Spouse said: "All I know is he got stabbed by Stelios." Spouse said on the night of the killing he went to a pub for drinks and then watched the film Superman Returns at a friend's house.
So was he watching Singerman at the time of the murder or did Singerman drive him to it?? He'd sure as heck have a motive, and in my book a good defense. I mean who WASN'T infuriated beyond rational thought after seeing it?

Hmmm but the plot thickens. The European Commission recently found high levels of lead and chromium in some of the Singerman toys, so perhaps that's what's driving people to do these things? Whatever it is, Singerman and his insidious plot to make us all into sexually harrassing, bat wielding criminals must be stopped!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Future of the Singerman Sequel Beginning to Look a Bit "Milky."

Today's Daily Variety is reporting that your friend and mine, Bryan Singer is trying to be first in production with a film about Harvey Milk, the San Francisco supervisor and first openly gay elected official in the U.S., who was assassinated along with Mayor George Moscone by Supervisor Daniel White. The article goes on to say that:

After 15 years in development, "The Mayor of Castro Street," the movie based on the book by Randy Shilts, is moving toward the starting gate. Warner Independent Prods., which brought in Singer two years ago, is near a deal with Participant Prods. to co-finance and with Chris McQuarrie to write the final draft.

Craig Zadan, who is producing "The Mayor of Castro Street" with Neil
Meron, liked their chances to get into production quickly.
This despite Singer's commitment to the Cruise movie, "Valkyrie," which has a July 8 start date, and a "Superman Returns" sequel which Warner Bros. hopes to have ready for release in 2009.

"We're seeing the light at the end of a long tunnel," he said. "Warner Independent is pushing us to get the film made right away. Some of it might have to do with the enormous success of 'Brokeback Mountain,' and some of it is passion for the right tone and the story we are telling. Chris has nailed the take, and the goal is to have the script ready so that we can make the movie as soon as Bryan finishes his UA film. We've had tremendous response from

A lot of us doubted Singer's ability to make 1 film before the production of a potential Singerman II film began but thought maybe there was a chance it was possible. Now do you really think he's going to be able make 2?? All before next March when Singerman Ii was allegedley supposed to begin production? Also could this have been the film that Singer was seen talking to Orlando Bloom about with WB producer Jon Peters? And if you're WB wouldnt you want to make some kind of announcement about the future of the Singerman franchise? Round and round we go..

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

If You Can't Beat Them, Hire Them??

Well here's another rumor to add to the fire, and since there's been next to nothing of relevance lately (other than the Singer slappies at IESB personally attacking people who write letters to WB) we're going to talk about it. A recent report on says that POTC star and former Kate Bosworth boyfriend, Orlando Bloom was seen in Hollywood with Singerman producers Mindy and Jon Peters and the movie’s "director," Bryan Singer. (there's no word if Peters showed him his junk.)

What can you take from this? Well if I was a a betting man, I'd say that it has something to do with a supporting role, not that they'd actually be getting him to play Singerman himself. I'd say it's most likely for a bigger role as some kind of villain. While Bloom is a talented actor, he's about as masculine as a bouquet of daisies, so the thought of him playing any serious kind of super-villain is a bit laughable to me. Do we really want to see a pretty boy General Zod or Metallo? Not that we want to see another Singerman film to begin with mind you. I just cant help but laughing at the thought of Brandon Routh fighting Orlando Bloom in an "epic" hero/villain battle. It's going to look like something out of Zoolander.

And say didnt Alan Horn fess up to the fact that the first Singerman missed the mark especially with young male audiences due to an overall lack of action? Well hey, everything should be "A-OK" now, because you know that NOBODY screams action and brings in the young male demographic like ummm... Orlando Bloom? Last I checked, he was female eye candy. Then again, Singer does like him some chick flicks. Seriously, are they even trying anymore?