Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Alright, So Who the Hell is Going to be Superman?

S.S.S. here, checking in from an undisclosed location as I prepare to stuff myself until I pass out tomorrow. Anyway, not much going on recently except a continuous stream of bullshit casting rumors about who's going to be donning the "S" in George Miller's Justice League, and each media outlet seems to be winding up with more egg on their faces than the last. In the wake of the "Tom Welling fiasco" that IESB caused you'd have thought they would've learned.

Let's recap, shall we?

First on 11/16, Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights was TOTALLY going to be Superman. Only one problem, he apparently wasn't aware of that. In fact, he tells us two days later while at Wizard World that he never even tested for that part. That next day, 11/19, Superhero Hype! gets a hold of what looks like the WORST CAST LIST EVER and it says that 5 foot 9 inch D.J. Cotrona "might" be playing Superman! WTF? Who????

Then all of a sudden on the same day JLA apparently doesn't even have a shooting script and NONE of the actors are even signed according to The Hollywood Reporter. The following day, Clint from Moviehole calls "bullshit" on that and reveals that the film is "still definitely on track" regardless and that "The cast is a lock as of today''. They then go on to say that the "cast is expected to be announced tomorrow" which was actually today, 11/21, but as of 10 PM EST there still hasn't been any kind of announcement. Shocking I know.

Here's a tip in case you haven't learned this yet. NO ONE KNOWS A FRIGGEN THING ABOUT THIS MOVIE. Outside of the fact that George Miller is directing it and that the plot is "loosely" based on the "OMAC" and "Tower of Babel" storylines, nobody knows anything about how the strike might impact this film or who is going to be playing the roles. The trades don't seem to know, Moviehole doesnt know, super secret "insiders" from random messageboards don't know, and IESB sure as hell doesn't know. It's best just to sit back and wait for the word from the proverbial horse's mouth to come down from on high and then deal with it then.

For the record, both Porter and Cotrona SUCK as choices for Superman. Although Porter would've been a much better choice for Flash than Adam friggen Brody. And that SHH! cast list is BEYOND HORRIFIC with the exception of one or two people. It reads like the list of dead body extras for an episode of CSI. George Miller can't possibly be that stupid. I hope.