Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jon Peters is a Class Act

Hey true believers, SSS here in between the Christmas and New Year's drinking binges. We know we haven't posted anything in quite a bit but Superman movie news related to either Singerman or JLA has been about as rare as a comicbook on Singer's bookshelf so its been a bit tough to come up with much. We did however find this recent news story about Singerman producer Jon Peters latest escapade and couldnt resist commenting on it.

After the last time good ole Jon made the news, it really made us wonder what exactly goes on over at WB Features and why there seems to be an overall lack of accountability for ANYTHING over there. But this latest incident of Peters' really takes the cake, as he's now being sued by THREE former employees, one for sexual harassment, and the other, a couple, who claims Peters wanted the pregnant wife to have an abortion or he'd fire the husband!
Blanca Hernandez alleged in her suit that Peters "systematically sexually harassed" her on nearly a daily basis. The incidents included unwanted touching, hugging and attempting to push Hernandez into bed while Peters was naked. The suit also claimed that Peters attempted to kiss her breasts, referring to them as "pillows."

The suit also alleged that an official at Peters Entertainment warned her that if she complained about Peters, "her and her daughter would be murdered." Hernandez was fired July 25, 2006, after approximately a year on the job, according to court papers.

Nice guy. At least this time, the person he's harassing is of legal age. Although the murder threat is a new one even for him. It gets better:
Adriana and Andrew Silveira contended in their lawsuit that after she learned she was pregnant in June 2006, her husband was told by Peters that if he wanted to keep his job, she should have an abortion. The lawsuit did not make clear why Peters allegedly made the demand. When the couple refused, Peters sent Andrew Silveira an e-mail informing him that he was being fired, the suit stated.
That should remove any kind of lingering doubt in anyone's mind as to whether Peters really is a grade A douchebag. How he continues to remain employed by WB is anyone's guess at this point. How long can the credit he gets for Batman in 1989 really last? We wonder how Superman could be taken so far out of character by Singer and Co. but the answer would seem to lie at the top of the food chain starting with it's producer and trickling on down. Let's hope this clown gets thrown out as well.