Friday, July 11, 2008

This! Is! Singer Getting The Boot!?!?!

Well, well, well,

It looks like the Anti-Singer rumor-mill is working overtime:

"Mr. Matt Holmes,

After your recent article was brought to my attention, I figured you would enjoy this. So far it hasn’t been posted anywhere, but we know this image was sent to a few websites within the last day including IESB, SuperheroHype, Superman Homepage, and our site as well. Unfortunately for us, the image is part of a proposal we are putting together to pitch a reboot trilogy of Superman to WB. The artist’s cousin who took the photo didn’t know he works for me and I was one of the people copied on their email. It also included a number of pages to our script, but I’m trying to keep those under wraps still. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me any time.

In regards to this recent news involving Mark Millar and now Louis Letterier, I can tell you that there are at least four groups preparing to pitch reboot ideas with us being one of them. There could be more."

I posted the artwork in question, and it seems VERY similar to what is going on over at the Save Superman website....

As to Zach Snyder doing Superman? In a HEARTBEAT. He has a distinct visual style, can frame an AWESOME action sequence, and is a HUGE Superman fan too. If anyone has the best chance of kicking BS into the bottomless-pit of "moving on", I believe it's him. 300 was a HUGE hit for WB, Watchmen looks to follow-suit, and he showed he can "reboot" a film franchise the RIGHT WAY with Dawn of the Dead.

What was the last rumor for a Madame Of Swish film? A BOGUS Craigslist "casting call" for EXTRAS?? Guess who fell for it, hook-line-and-sinker? You guessed it: The Apologist buffoons.

Lordy, lordy. Things are getting GOOD.


Anonymous said...

While these look cool, I'm not so sure Superman should be shooting down fighter jets with his heat vision. Maybe ripping off the wings to give them time to eject, but the pics make it look like they blow the fuck up without ejecting. That is Superman killing people.

Something people were screaming about in SR when they had Lex's henchman die from a falling structure without Superman's knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I read elsewhere that the jets are unmanned.

Steve Younis is an apologist buffoon to be sure.

Anonymous said...

This is art from the Singer sequel.....proving once again.

Superman is fine in 2009!


Believe me how many times have this site predicted the end to Singer.

Anonymous said...

The planes are attacking Superman from remote control set up by the bad guys, they are unmanned.

theCOLORSblend said...

"This is art from the Singer sequel.....proving once again."
LOL. No it's not, it's concept art from a proposed reboot. The drawing was meant to outline what a particular action sequence where Superman is attacked by unmanned fighter planes could look like.

"Superman is fine in 2009!"
Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it won't be Singer behind the camera.

ApologistPuncher said...

"LOL. No it's not, it's concept art from a proposed reboot."

Apparently, REtard is unable to read. I knew he was stupid, but Jesus H. Christ is this boy DUMB.

Remember when I used to laugh at him, and his claims of having "sources"? Well, I guess this ignorant statement proves just how RIGHT I was.

Hey, REtard, book your flight to Omaha yet? GOing to sign up with a casting agency, pay the fees, and never hear from them about Singerman again? I truly hope you do, anal wart. We need more French "men" to laugh at...

Anonymous said...

"You will believe a franchise can be rebooted." ha ha!

Here's to a reboot!

Anonymous said...

Singer is a FAG bad Superman Returns was gay.

Anonymous said...

After WB execs see the MEGA HUGE haul the Dark Knight will get this weekend, there's no way, they let that FAG Singer back on the project.

TheGobshite said...

Forget Lex's henchmen on the island...

I'm still wondering if Superkid (damned if I can remember his name) will be tried as an adult for 'Murder in the 2nd Degree' for what he did to that guy with the piano. Haha.

One of a hundred stupid and needless aspects of Singerman Returns, but one that will always stick out in my mind.
Cause unless I missed something, that guy was dead!

I think it is hysterical how Singer slowly becomes less and less sure of his chances at directing the sequel. A year ago, the way he talks, you wouldn't have thought there was a doubt in his mind. But look at how he speaks of it now. "Iffy"! Haha.

This movie is HATED! I can think of few movies that people go out of their way to bury the way they do this one, and rightly so!Look at Netflix customer reviews! I just added mine, only to find an astounding amount of 1 stars!

Keep up the good work on this blog, I'll keep stopping in!