Monday, October 11, 2010

A New Home

Hey everyone,

Now that things are moving on the Superman Reboot, I think it's time we put this little "project" to bed. Singerman is no more, BJ Routh is stumping at conventions (Like I predicted YEARS ago), and that Fruit Roll-Up caped fetish wetsuit is HISTORY. So it's time to "think about the future".

I started a forum for people wanting to discuss the new film in an open environment. There will be no over-eager "mods" looking to bounce people who don't agree with them. No "agendas", just a place to discuss things relating to Supes.

Feel free to sign-up and stay a while.

Singerman is dead. Long live Superman!


Anonymous said...

Just imagine if the only movie ever made of Superman was Returns, and it was regarded as the definitive adaptation with every actor following it being compared to Routh, and you'd know my pain as a fan of Robert E Howard's Conan. But anyway, good luck with the site.

Anonymous said...

So what about Conan the Barbarian? Is that a put-down to Ahh-nuld, or is it a put-down to the NEW guy?

Anonymous said...

For the last time:

Singer is a FAG and Superman Returns was gay.

The Man From Krypton said...

Yea and this site should change to "Snyders Superman Sucks" if they cast" BJ Routh in it... Which is the rumor going around.

The work isn't finished if that happens.

The Man From Krypton said...

Ok guys help the cause! Let's show them we want nothing else to do with Brandon Routh!

Vote for Welling!

Anonymous said...

Superman Returns is gay and ApologistPuncher is a fag.