Friday, February 02, 2007

Miscellaneous Bits: 2/2/2007

There's been a lot going on recently. So here's a few interesting tidbits from around the World Wide Web that we thought we'd lump into one big blog posting for you.

If you have anything else, keep sending them into us! The feedback has been great recently.


Anonymous said...

Uh-uh yours wrong 'cuz Superman Returns was beutful and to adult for yu becuz u dont understand singers vizion he is great and omg the movie rulez.

Superman returds in 2009!

Just thought I would get that out of the way from the get-go. You KNOW it's inevitable...

And that pic is as creepy as Singerman's peeping. Two fingers, BS? TWO?

Anonymous said...

Singer is a FAG and Superman Returns was gay.

Anonymous said...

It certainly was a film made by gay men for a gay male audience, made in Sydney Australia, whose gay scene is as well known as San Fransisco's. Never mind about those "tax breaks" it's Singer's party town, and his and Spacey and Routh's rumoured exploits in Sydney are still discussed

The film literally screams gay in scene after scene. Whilst not explicit, it's gay angst theme was as real as Brokeback Mountain's.

......with a cast that's as camp as The Village People.

Anonymous said...

It wasnt that bad guys. There are people who like the film and over at and superhero hype we think there is a future for this franchise. Come on lets give singer a chance.


Anonymous said...

Are some of you people in here dumb enough to believe that Routh is GAY? So what his engagement is just a farce is that it? The rampant homophobia on this blog is really sad.

Anonymous said...

"Come on let's give Singer a chance"

Huh, I'd say he's had a 300 million dollar chance

Warners bet on Singer and, along with the fans, lost

Anonymous said...

"The rampant homophobia on this blog is really sad."

Yes, fuelled by a gay filmaker whose sensibilities may be better suited to the upcoming biography on Freddie Mercury, for example, rather than the ongoing saga of Superman and Lois Lane. As SR clearly demonstrates

Anonymous said...

"So what his engagement is just a farce is that it?"

Yeah, it's UNBELIEVABLE that he could be gay, right? Rock Hudson was gay AND married. Freddie Mercury had a wife and kids when he died.

You "Apologist" morons think that even though BS is gay, doesn't mean it affected his "film" in ANY way. How does it feel having your head stuck in the sand?

Anonymous said...

Joss Whedon was kicked off the Wonder Woman project. David Goyer was let go from The Flash project but according to IMDb, they both are still on.

Gee all you gay apologists, maybe IMDb isn't the end-all-be-all. And if you asked a couple of months ago, it was a lock that Whedon's Wonder Woman and Goyer's Flash were set to go. Maybe the incredible failure of Singerman made WB rethink their comic projects.

Anonymous said...

The buzz about the dropping of Whedon etc is that after the dour and joyless Superman Returns, Warners don't want another super hero film that takes itself way too seriously

Anonymous said...

Man you guys are never happy I thought comic lovers would cream just to see their hero back on screen. Shouldnt we support the WB so they make another Superman movie? You buy more with honey then you do with vinegar.

Anonymous said...

"Man you guys are never happy I thought comic lovers would cream just to see their hero back on screen. Shouldnt we support the WB so they make another Superman movie? You buy more with honey then you do with vinegar."

Yeah, why don't rape victims just sit back and enjoy it too? I mean, they're getting some, right?

Sorry, but if you are TRULY a Superman fan you want the BEST, you don't SETTLE for the WORST.

Anonymous said...

Superman Returns was not as bad as the above was it? Check this site out you will laugh your ass off.

SSS use some of these covers in your articles.

Anonymous said...

"Superman Returns was not as bad as the above was it?"

Worse. See, things have PROGRESSED since then. Gotten better even.

Singerman Peeps took the character BACKWARDS, instead of forwards. Throwing in some bastard kid is NOT progression. It's TV BS from BS.

Anonymous said...

I made the first "Got Milk" add on that website. How it got there is beyond me. But I'm glad it did. SR sucked balls 24/7!

Evildooer said...

I am the creator of the and im happy it made it on here to this website.
SR is a total disgrace to the Superman character, and everyone should send the WB hate mail for allowing such crap to be put on screen.

PLAYBOY said...

Brandon is without a doubt gay, and in the closet... It's 100% true.
I know a MAN a gay man who has had sex with Brandon, and well the truth is the truth.

Brandon actually sleeps around a bit he's been known for a while now as being big in the underground gay scene in Hollywood.... EVEN before he got the role of Superman he was already well known as being a party boy.

Like Rock Hudson he needs to keep up this manly image so they hired a fag hag to pretend to be his girlfriend, and even went on to say that they were getting married when all the gay talk started.

Safe to say that their marriage won't ever happen, and they will eventually break it off, and he will always be seen with other women much like another big closeted homosexual in Hollywood named Tom Cruise.

Brandon might even marry a few of them... Remember Anthony Perkins? Well he to was married for over 20 years, and was extreamly gay, and so much so that he died from AIDS.

Hollywood is about 75% homosexual...

Evil-Dooer said...

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