Friday, July 14, 2006

Routh says the make-up makes him look "wimpy."

From the "the truth hurts" file....

The Daily Mail has quite a story in today's edition, regarding Routh throwing a hissy fit at the UK premiere.

American star Brandon Routh was left furious this week after he complained the make-up used on his face at a press conference made him look pale, artificial and 'a bit wimpy'.

The actor became annoyed when he saw pictures of himself posing up next to his Lois Lane, Kate Bosworth, who, he said, looked much more natural and sunkissed.

After the Superman Returns press conference at London's Dorchester Hotel on Wednesday afternoon, Routh's aides had new darker foundation flown in for him to use in time for last night's premiere in Leicester Square.

This begs the question...what was his excuse in Singerman???

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