Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why Smallville's Clark Kent is "way cooler" than Singerman

If you're a journalist and looking for a gig, the Seattle Times may be a good place to start, as they're apparently having editorials done by high school girls now. However in today's issue there's a cute article done by a young girl by the name of Julia Waterhouse, basically explaining why Tom Welling is a superior Man of Steel to Brandon "My foundation makes me look wimpy" Routh. She basically hits the nail right on the proverbial head in her final paragraph:
"Smallville," unlike the big-screen "Superman," manages to touch the viewer intimately, and makes you want to reach out to Clark and make his life OK — because he deserves it more than anybody else."
While we're apt to agree with her in every which way, we'd just like to point out that even Tom Welling would've been weighed down by the awful writing and dialogue in Singerman that rivaled even the worst of Smallville epsiodes, so we're kind of glad he stayed where he did. Give us a new director and writers with a compelling storyline in the vain of Superman: Birthright and we'll be all over that like a cheap pleather Singerman suit.

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