Monday, July 03, 2006

The Story that just wont go away....

Even after it's release, rumors seem to continue to circulate about either Routh or Superman or both being gay. How and why these started, we're not totally sure but something is setting off people's "gaydar," so let's try to understand why?

As soon as BJ's casting was announced, rumors of him "playing for the other team" ran rampant along with a pretty crazy story about a Halloween cocaine party with Singer. About a month later, Radar magazine speculated on the how's and why's of the casting. Routh's publicist came out and flat out denied the rumors, and things got quiet for a while.

On June 2nd, gay magazine The Advocate published the cover story "How gay is Superman?" wondering just how gay Superman was? Although it was mostly a look at how the characters themselves have things in common with homosexuals, it does bring up some interesting points about Singer and Routh.
"Not for nothing does gay director Bryan Singer have an eye for how to make the Superman suit most flattering to Brandon Routh in Superman Returns."
That same day the LA Times wrote a story about Superman's appeal to gays and how it could hurt his image especially in conservative states.
"But four of the movie marketing executives, all of whom declined to speak on the record, said gay "Superman Returns" interest presented two potential box-office problems. First, teenage moviegoers, especially those in conservative states, might be put off by a movie carrying a gay vibe; among some teens, these executives agreed, saying something "is gay" is still the ultimate put-down. Second, the attention threatens to undermine the film's status as a hard-edged action movie, making it feel softer, more romantic, and thus less interesting to young ticket buyers who crave pyrotechnics. "
This led to rumors about just how Routh got cast in the role, being brought up again, as well as mentions of Singer's previous "hot tub casting" issues and proceeding litigation, that cropped up a few weeks after Routh's initial casting.

After that WB and Routh's agent came out to deny those rumors and tout Routh's relationship with a longtime female companion as evidence of his heterosexuality (havent they ever seen Will & Grace?) only to have the infamous "coming out of the closet" Topps card at the right pop up, showing Singer's pension for subtle symbolism perhaps?

Then on June 10th, Singer comes out and categorically denies that the character in his film is gay, claiming that, "Superman is probably the most heterosexual character in any movie I've ever made. " He then went on to call the film a "chick flick" which may have sent mixed signals.

Now rumors are abounding that WB is revamping their recent ad campaigns to show less of Superman pouting and more of him trying to kick some ass. You've got to find it pretty amusing though, since everytime they seemingly have a handle on things another less than flattering pic of their star pops up that are so suggestive, it's just too easy. C'mon man, Vanity Fair?

Stay tuned as this story continues to emerge.


Anonymous said...

So Superman is gay even though he spends the entire film in love with girl reporter Lois Lane.

Superman is gay because the actor who plays him may, or may not no one but Routh knows for sure but I wouldn't trust more than rumours and innuendo, is gay.

So Superman is gay because Singer described it as being like a chick flick even though chick flicks aren't gay unless you're a dimwitted 12 year old.

Superman is gay because the Advocate says so, nevermind that superheroes have long been gay icons and served as useful metaphors for the homosexual lifestyle, praticularly one that needs to be secret.

It seems to me that the gayest thing about this movie is the people complaining that everything in this movie is gay . . .

Anonymous said...

Nothing about any of this has ever made any sense to me at all. I read an article about this in newsweek that basically said some gay groups identify with the character because he is an outcast and they know what that is like or something stupid like that. It probably is all about the fact that Singer is gay so there are people out there that want to label the movie as gay as well. Based on the movie itself, obviously it makes no sense saying he is gay. Hell you wold have a better chance at making your case about him being gay in the original Superman than SR. I mean he is the father of Lois's son for god's sake.

Anonymous said...

and as well know a gay man has NEVER fathered a child....