Monday, August 07, 2006

Box Office Update: Falling Behind the Bat

"You thought you could beat me you skinny punk?"

Well in it's 6th weekend at the domestic box office Singerman continues to fade further from the collective consciousness of the American public like a pungent fart on a windy day. Despite losing only 295 theaters it netted a whopping $2,158,227, good for 14th place! Singerman's total domestic take thus far is $190,176,570. (POTC2 hit that amount in less than a week BTW.)

For the people who like to point to Batman Begins' box office figures, and say "look! Singerman is doing good, it's doing better than Batman Begins did." (while totally ignoring little things like total production costs and marketing budgets), let's look at some comparisons. In it's 6th weekend at the domestic box office Begins made $4,727,469 or more than 55% higher than Singerman's. At the end of it's 6th weekend, Begins had a total domestic gross of $191,105,194 or .5% more than Singerman. Begins ended it's run at just over $205 million. If the downward trend that's been in effect since Singerman's second weekend continues, the film should die out somewhere around the $196 million mark. Not only will they be about $9 million short of that mark, they'll also have about $100 million more in expenses to pay off. Those DVD's better come with free beer or something.

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