Thursday, August 17, 2006

Singerman is Flat-lining


Time of death? Most likely somewhere around August 31st.

Theater counts were released today for the upcoming weekend of August 18th, and once again Singerman took a big hit in screens losing 367 of the 750 it had last week (roughly 49%). This leaves Singer's mess in only 383 domestic theaters, in this just it's 8th weekend at the domestic box office. We're guessing those remaining theaters are run by desperate exhibitors looking to turn some kind of revenue out of the mess they got from WB. Everyone else seems to have given up and wants to clear out as much cinematic garbage as possible for "internet phenomenon" Snakes on a Plane.

Comparatively, Singerman is only in 28 more theaters than the film Cars which has been in theaters for 3 weeks longer. Singerman's contemporary, The Devil Wears Prada, is still in 824 theaters, losing only about 27% of it's theaters from the weekend before. In it's 8th weekend at the domestic box office, Batman Begins was still in 1,192 theaters or 68% more, meaning that Singerman has about as much "legs" as those reptiles on the plane with Sam Jackson.

It will be a minor miracle if Singerman makes more than $800,000 this weekend.



Anonymous said...
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Steve Brandon said...

Do dollar theatres count in the screen count, because that's where I'd guess most of the screens would be by now.

That and those giant-sized multiplexes with so many screens that they forgot that they still had Superman playing on their tinest screen in one of those broom closet-sized theatre rooms between the washrooms and the fire doors.