Thursday, August 03, 2006

One of the "10 Big Mistakes of the Summer"

Dave Poland of has put up his weekly article reviewing the summer box office. This week's article takes a look at the "The 10 Big Mistakes of Summer." And of course our favorite piece of celluloid toilet paper shows up prominenlty in his article, as being one of the "Big Money Losers" of the summer. Poland writes:
"It's still not clear how much money Superman Returns will lose and how much of that will be eaten by WB's financial partner, Legendary Pictures. Assuming a $400 million gross (which this film could come up short of or, perhaps, pass with a strong push in its last few foreign markets), the return to the studio would be about $220 million. Figuring a generous $150 million in profits from Home Entertainment and other ancillaries, they're still almost $100 million short of black ink. It won't be a record, as that ignominy belongs to films like Pluto Nash, which paid interest for more than a year after completion and then grossed less than $10 million worldwide."
Poland basically just confirms what we've known all along about the financial shape of Singerman. In case you're looking to doubt Mr. Poland's insight on the subject, we'll direct you to this piece of foresight.

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