Monday, August 14, 2006

Box Office Update: The Train Wreck Continues

<-- Singer re-enacts just how exactly he derailed the film. Box Office weekend #7 is in the books for Singerman, and like the 6 before it, it wasn't a pretty sight. This past weekend Singerman limped home with a whopping B.O. of $1,242,461 good for 17th place at the domestic box office, falling behind cinematic juggernauts like Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (what??) and The Night Listener, and finished over $600K behind summer surprise The Devil Wears Prada which was also in it's 7th weekend. Singerman's cumulative domestic take now resides at a disappointing $192,594,159.

Just how does that matchup against the film everyone loves to compare it to, Batman Begins? In it's 7th weekend at the domestic box office Begins grossed $2,448,225 or over 49.2% more. At the end of it's 7th weekend Begins cumulative domestic box office was $195,875,532 or 1.7% higher. The disparity between these two films grows by the day. Begins didnt break $200 million dollar until it's 9th weekend at the domestic B.O. At it's current rate of decline in gross receipts and theaters, Singerman wont see that until weekend 15 or 16, and at this rate it probably wont be in theaters that long to see it.


Chip_Hardy said...

Not specific to this story just a general comment.

Superman Returns is my favourite film of the year and one of the best blockbusters of the last few years.

Just to put it in context (so you don't think my other faves of the year are Garfield 2 and Big Mommas House 6), my frontrunners for film of the year are (and i'm UK based so some may be US last year) Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Good Night Good Luck, Syriana, Munich, Brick and Squid and the Whale.

I appreciate good solid filmmaking and that's what SR offers. I am a Superman fan but not a fanboy.

I thought Batman Begins and the XMen movies are perfect examples of quality superhero films.

POTC: Deads Mans Chest was decidedly average (at best).

I simply cannot understand your hatred of SR. Every single person i know who has seen SR (and i am NOT exagerating) thoroughly enjoyed SR. This includes my circle of friends, work colleagues (all 15 of them went on a work trip to see it), my parents who have seen it twice, brother, cousins etc. etc. not ONE disliked it.

One of my contacts through work is a well known comic book illustrater who reckons Singer captured the essence of Superman perfectly.

What more can i say - i'm baffled by the naysayers such as yourself.

Maybe me, my friends/colleagues, family and the majority of professional critics around the world saw a different movie to you!!

Anonymous said...

It's not our fault you have low standards and dont understand the character.